Evaluating Tracking Results

After tracking your data in Autoscoper, you can use the Tracking Evaluation module in SlicerAutoscoperM to compare your results with the ground truth data included in the sample data.

Exporting your Tracking Results from Autoscoper

To export your tracking results from Autoscoper, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Save Tracking button on the Toolbar.

  2. In the dialog that appears, select a directory and specify the name of the file to export the tracking results to.

  3. After clicking OK, the Import/Export Tracking Options dialog will open.

  4. Ensure that the All option under the Volumes section is selected.

  5. Press the OK button to export the tracking results.

Export Tracking Results

Switching to the Tracking Evaluation Module

To access the Tracking Evaluation module, follow these steps:

  1. Open the module drop-down menu.

  2. Navigate to the Tracking category.

  3. Select the Tracking Evaluation module.

Tracking Evaluation Module

Loading in Results

To load your tracking results into the Tracking Evaluation module, perform the following:

  1. In the Input Data section, select the file you exported from Autoscoper.

  2. Choose the sample data type you wish to compare your results to.

  3. Press the Load Data for Evaluation button.


You may need to adjust the camera of the 3D scene to visualize the results more clearly.

Load data

Visualizing Results

In the Visualize Results section, you can:

  • Click the Play button to automatically scrub through the sequence.

  • Use the timeline to manually scrub through the sequence.

  • Visualize results with a 1mm or 2 degree difference from the ground truth displayed in green.

  • Identify results exceeding the thresholds displayed in red, along with a partially transparent version of the ground truth.

Results Gif